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Leverage Your Data to Increase Sales

MBS links-up with webCemeteries.com to provide or enhance our MBS clients’ web sites with all these features!

  • Increased Web Traffic and Sales
  • Online Satellite Mapping
  • Interactive Online Memorials
  • Automatic Genealogical Information
  • Total Access Control Safeguards Your Records

Frequently Asked Questions

MBS has teamed up with webCemeteries.com to provide an instant web site for your burial data.

How does it work?
With the click of a button, Nexus will upload your burial data to webCemeteries.com.  By the next morning, your site will be created, and you will receive an email from webCemteries.com with instructions on how to access the site.

What is on the web site?
The web site includes a searchable database of deceased persons in your cemetery.  From there you can add pictures, tombstones, obituaries, interesting facts/people, military information, and the list goes on.  All these things add the character of your cemetery to the web site.  Online mapping is also an available option.

View Actual webCemeteries Web Site

How will the web site look?
A fully functional site will be automatically created on webCemeteries.com when your data is uploaded for the first time.  Many cemeteries will choose a unique look for their web site or to match the look and feel of their existing web site.   We provide customization services to meet your needs.

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How does webCemeteries.com help sales and marketing?
Your cemetery’s history is valuable. Are you leveraging that resource? 

Thousands of people visit our clients’ sites to search their genealogical records, maps and  memorials – this brings customers to your staff. In 2008, tens of thousands of dollars in pre-need sales were generated through webCemeteries.com. 

webCemeteries.com also allows you to offer new value added services, including online  memorial pages, online flower sales, tree sponsorships and website sponsorships.

Cemeteries are local businesses, why do they need a website?
For millions of Americans the internet is replacing the Yellow Pages.

The good news is that a quality website can cost you less than your Yellow Pages listing, and our clients tell us they receive far more results.

A webCemeteries.com website will not only bring you more customers – it will preserve your history and enhance your records management.

How does webCemeteries.com help preserve history?
Watch your website become the growing history book of your community.

As visitors search your genealogical information, they can leave comments and condolences as a lasting memorial of those who have passed on. Visitors can also submit pictures, obituaries and life histories to you – putting you in contact with the public, and filling in valuable gaps in history.

Can the web site be customized?
Absolutely.  A  team of web designers can work with you to create a unique, attractive web site that meets your needs.

What if I already have a web site?
No problem. Your webCemeteries site can be customized to match the look and feel of your existing site and integrate with it seamlessly, or you can replace your entire site with webCemeteries.com. The choice is yours.

What data is uploaded to webCemeteries.com?
Only burial data and genealogical information related to the deceased is uploaded.  Your financial data remains safe and sound in Nexus.

How much does it cost?
MBS will bill you $1800/year upon the initial creation of your webCemeteries.com site.  Please  make certain that you intend to create and use the web site BEFORE uploading your data to webCemeteries.com.  Additional charges may apply if you request customizations to your web site.

If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call at 800-844-4447.


Gary Brown, Catholic Cemeteries of Phoenix

"My staff loves the Task Center... Having all the information right there on one screen... is a tremendous time saver."

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