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Nexus 4, the flagship product of Memorial Business Systems, is the leading office management system for cemeteries and funeral home / cemetery combinations (combos), Nexus 4 has consistently been been noted for its applicability and quality for the industry.   Nexus 4 is a unique accounting and business management system designed specifically for the needs of today's deathcare providers.  As a Windows based application, Nexus 4 is easy for learners to adapt to and learn.  It is also compatible with a host of other MBS systems making a solid enhancement to your enterprise's solution suite.  With services such as accounts receivable tracking, contract management, trust administration, commission processing, property location management and sales analysis, Nexus 4 is the core of business management of the modern cemetery or funeral home / cemetery combinations (combos).

Meeting your cemetery or combo needs today and tomorrow...

When you purchase your next office management and accounting system, make it a purchase that will meet your specific needs today and your growing needs tomorrow.  Consider the cost effectiveness of a single high powered office management system or suite.  As a complete and compatible system, Nexus 4 is all you will ever need to manage your office and accounting.  Compatible with IMAP and DeedIt!, Nexus 4 is the keystone to your enterprise solution suite.


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Paul Elvig, President of Evergreen-Washelli in Seattle

"IMAP is the breakthrough we needed. No more worries about double burials. I love the IMAP peace of mind."

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