A Suite of Software Products Designed Specifically for Cemeteries and Funeral Home / Cemetery Combos

For over two decades, MBS has worked as an innovator in the cemetery software industry.  Since the introduction of software into this unique niche market, MBS has continually moved forward with our software lines--always pushing the frontier forward for our clients.

MBS offers the most diverse and rock solid software solution suite designed for the needs of the modern cemeterian or mortuary director.  Our tools include contract management systems, accounting packages, collection programs, property mapping applications and a host of related systems.

Most of our software applications are closely interwoven to create a tightly fitted and automatically updated system for our users.   Elements of the MBS Enterprise Suite can be purchased individually or as a complete system.  With exceptional versatility and cohesion, MBS products offer the total solution that you have been looking for.

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Neal Shoger, Gibraltar Remembrance Services

"Fred, I wanted to call to your attention how Joel Leach helped us in a difficult situation... What I want to share with you is that I was not surprised at all. All of your staff which we deal with, Joel and Jan and Gerald, display a "let me help get it done right and get it done now" mentality. Each of them has been very gracious in explaining any problem that we call with, regardless of whether it was our error or misunderstanding which caused the problem to begin with. I must assume that it was you who created this great customer service climate.  Thanks to all of you."

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