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The Staff at Memorial Business Systems

As an innovator in the field of cemetery and Funeral Home / Cemetery Combination software and management tools, MBS has continually striven to be at the forefront of both the deathcare and software industries. It has been the diversity in strengths represented by MBS's staff that has enabled MBS to survive for so long in this fledgling market and and to move ever forward into the future of the field.

MBS is professionally represented by cemeterians, programmers, accountants, educators and GIS specialists. Combine these skills with the creativity and strength of character represented by the parents, artists, husbands, wives, animal lovers, sports fans, game players and gardeners within our staff, and a unique and powerful team is at the ready disposal of our clients. It is this combination that enables MBS to offer the quality software and attitude that we believe stands behind our every venture.

Within these staff pages we encourage you to gain confidence in our unique mix of skills, personalities and history. Also use these pages to learn about the history and management of MBS as well as specific contact information for MBS staff members.

Fred Miller

Fred is one of the original founding owners of MBS and is still our principal owner.  He also serves as our current company president and lead sales person.  Beginning with a combined personal base as a cemeterian (since 1981) and as a scientist, it was a natural flow to find the technical solution to cemetery needs. His solution was to help found the first software company designed exclusively around the deathcare industry. Through his work at MBS he has seen our company grow dramatically in size, product line and client base.

His personal life has also been hugely influenced by this industry and has in turn influenced it.  Throughout the past decade, Fred has had the honor of serving as the Vice President, President-Elect and President of the ACA/ICFA.  While a member, he has also been responsible for Government and Legal Affairs, Education, Membership and Products and Services.  He has also served on the Board of Directors of the Southern and Florida Cemetery Associations and as the Chairman of the ACA/ICFA Strategic Planning Committee.  When not working, Fred enjoys western US history, sports, classical music and reading.

Gerald Jenkins

Gerald is and has been a member of our technical support and training team since 1994. Through his tenure at MBS, most of our clients have spoken with him once or twice in the past and have been trained by him in many of our software systems.  He is also a client advocate within MBS, one of our main software testers, and often the collector of client needs for future versions of our software.  Educationally Gerald is well suited for life in technical support for those in business side of cemetery and office management. Currently he holds both a Business Administration degree from Florida College and a technical degree from Tampa Technical Institute.

When he is not at MBS or traveling for MBS, he enjoys spending his time with his family and does a great deal of gardening and improvements to his house.  When he's not gardening or working with his wife to harvest and can their take, Gerald has three children who take up a good measure of his time.

Jan Primm

Jan, who has been with MBS since 1996, is a member of a few teams here at MBS. Originally hired as MBS's accountant, Jan has moved into general office management and HR for MBS and is one of the most treasured support people we have. Through her career here she has also provided her accounting skills to related cemeteries and organizations. She continues to share this experience with our client base as a strong technical support person. Through this she is bringing her strong personal knowledge base of both accounting and the industry to the aid of MBS clients. Prior to joining MBS, Jan graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Math and Economics.

In her life away from MBS, Jan is an avid football fan and Titans season ticket holder. When not watching football, Jan enjoys spending time with her parents and two brothers. As a sports fan, she also will join an occasional game with her family and in fact, won't turn down playing an occasional pick-up game herself. Jan is a dog lover and would be happy to tell you about her black lab Zeus.

Donna Seagrave

Donna was brought on in 2006 primarily to help with technical support and training. Her background in the industry and detail-oriented nature made her a good candidate to also review data conversions, create DeedIt! deed templates and help customers using MBS Report Writer.

As a business student, Donna attended the State University of New York in Buffalo which is where she met her husband. After 15 years as a paralegal, she spent 16 years within the death care industry as an end-user of our old ARPlus and TRAC$ programs as well our original Nexus program before moving on to Nexus XP and Nexus 4. She worked for many years as an operator, a troubleshooter and a trainer which let her bring a unique perspective in both working with our programs and finding 'out of the box' solutions for our customers.

Although Donna originally hails from New York City, she moved around the country with her husband of almost 40 years, who is also in the death care industry, before settling in the Atlanta, Georgia area. She spent a good deal of her time over the last two decades with their daughter; however, since their daughter graduated from Oglethorpe University and received her Masters degree from the University of Alabama, Donna has not had time for 'empty nest syndrome'. She loves reading, listening to all types of music, painting, crafting and travel.

Tom Balducci

Tom has been at MBS since 1996 and is a long-standing member of our Mapping Services team. Being part of a very close digitizing team, nearly all of the maps coming from MBS's mapping department have been generated by either Tom or Vickie (who you'll meet next). Tom is also an integral member of our marketing team and is responsible for the design of many of the logos seen throughout our brochures and web site, as well as the brochures themselves. Tom attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where he studied painting, drawing and advertising. Using his talents, Tom has taken on many unique endeavors in the company, including writing many of the articles for our newsletter, as well as producing the artwork for it.

In his personal life Tom is an artist and avid computer game player. In their rare spare time Tom and his wife Lisette enjoy watching movies and television.

Vickie Jacobson

Vickie is the other half of our primary Mapping Services team. Having been a digitizer with MBS since 1998 and deeply involved with our IMAP clients and projects, Vickie is a core of knowledge on many of our client maps and is quick to help with clients issues or just help you understand the use of the map. Coming to MBS with a degree from ITT Technical Institute, Vickie was originally an AutoCAD designer, but has been pulled to the GIS side. Her unique combination of GIS and CAD skills bring an extra polish to each of the maps she takes such pride in producing. When not creating maps, Vickie, like the rest of the mapping team takes her visual and organizational skills as a GIS professional to the marketing table and assists regularly in that area of the company.

Vickie's home life is filled with 2 daughters in college, 3 dogs and relaxing with her husband who is a retired Navy Captain Reservist. Once the girls are out of college she plans to do some traveling with the hubby to see all the places they see on the food channels!!

Joel Leach

Joel was brought on board at MBS in 2000 for the development of Nexus XP, eventually becoming our VP of Development. As such, he has been a key programmer and manager for us and has helped to continually move Nexus and our other products to the next level of quality. Joel has also had the role of maintaining MBS's network and internal software systems.

Prior to joining MBS, Joel attended The Delta School of Business and Technology where he studied electronics and microprocessing. After graduation, Joel worked as a programmer and IS specialist at ARI Environmental in Louisiana.

In his world away from MBS, Joel is the married father of three children. He and his wife enjoy spending time with their children at zoos, parks and movies. On his own time, he enjoys playing the guitar, writing music, and playing computer games.

Marcia Akins

Marcia is a long-standing Visual FoxPro developer who, after 15 years as an independent consultant, joined the MBS staff in May of 2013.

Marcia has co-authored two books on VFP as well as almost 100 technical articles. She was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award every year between 1999 and 2009. Marcia was also awarded the Visual FoxPro Community Lifetime Achievement  Award in 2013. She has spoken at developer conferences and user groups  all over the US, Europe and Austral-Asia.

When Marcia is not writing software, she spends most of her time on the golf course and playing trivia with her husband Andy.


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