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Memorial Business Systems  (MBS) was formed by a cemeterian in 1983 to provide an affordable, standardized, industry specific software package for deathcare providers.  At the time program development began, microcomputers were just making an entry into the commercial market and there were no commercially available software programs designed specifically for the unique needs of cemetery and funeral home/ cemetery combination offices.   For example, applications designed to handle the management of trust fund accounting, determination of commissions, managing pre-need sales and handling of installment sales weren't there.  MBS saw and filled the need.

As the oldest continuous company dedicated to deathcare specific software, we have grown to become one of the largest suppliers in the industry.  Currently we serve several hundred clients throughout the US, Canada, and Central America.  Going beyond a pure software focus, MBS is also industry focused as shown by our membership and leadership in all levels of industry organizations worldwide.  It is our dedication to this industry and its members, that pushes MBS to offer an ever broadening, user centric solution set.  MBS offers a software suite designed by members of this industry specifically for the industry.

Our Mission

Memorial Business Systems is in business to provide software and services designed to improve the operational efficiency of our customers.

In support of this, we are committed to:

  • promoting customer effectiveness and preventing customer obsolescence by keeping our software on the leading edge
  • being recognized by our customers for being responsive and oriented to their needs
  • being recognized as a technically superior and innovative supplier of high-quality products
  • being recognized by our employees and the business community for excellence and integrity in managing the company's business
  • providing an environment for achieving personal excellence


As an organization, MBS strives to be more than the sum of its individual parts, but when the quality of each part is high enough, each element deserves recognition in itself.  We encourage you to learn more about what makes up MBS, Inc today.


Neal Shoger, Gibraltar Remembrance Services

"Fred, I wanted to call to your attention how Joel Leach helped us in a difficult situation... What I want to share with you is that I was not surprised at all. All of your staff which we deal with, Joel and Jan and Gerald, display a "let me help get it done right and get it done now" mentality. Each of them has been very gracious in explaining any problem that we call with, regardless of whether it was our error or misunderstanding which caused the problem to begin with. I must assume that it was you who created this great customer service climate.  Thanks to all of you."

Memorial Business Systems, Inc., Computers Hardware, Software & Services, Brentwood, TN

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